Joined ISKCON in 1980 in Italy. Twice initiated by Tamal Krishna Goswami. Married in 1990 to Jagannathesvari dd. National Council Member and UK Co-ordinator for Book Distribution. He teaches devotees how to distribute books through workshops, seminars, and on-street training, and he also gives classes on Bhagavad-gita, Srimad Bhagavatam, etc. Currently unable to accept new clients, but still part of the team and taking care of existing clients.

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Visvambhara Das

(Executive Board Member)

Joined ISKCON in 1975 and received 1st and 2nd initiation from Srila Prabhupada. Married to Visvambhara das and has 2 grown-up sons. BA in literature and author of grihastha manual entitled 'The Four Goals of Family Life.' Matchmaker since 2006. Currently unable to accept new clients, but still part of the team and taking care of existing clients.

Jagannathesvari Devi Dasi

(Project Coordinator)

Saumya Radhika mataji

Qualified as an orthoptist and working part-time.  In ISKCON since 1991 and initiated by HH Indradyumna Swami.  Member of Board of Mentors at ISKCON London. A matchmaker on this team and can provide a personalised service for introductions as well as pre and post marriage guidance and training.

Kirti-Radhika Devi Dasi

(Matchmaker: North London/North England)

Doctor, consultant urologist at imperial college NHS trust London. In Krishna consciousness for 11 years. Initiated by HH Radhanath Swami. Trustee of ISKCON Bhaktivedanta manor, member of patron council and member of communication and VIP team, governor at Krishna Avanti school. Serving as mentor and grhastha counsellor. Married to Kirtiradhika devi dasi.

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Sunderananda Das

(Executive Board Member)

In Krishna Consciousness  for 11 years . Housewife . Brahmin initiated. Serving as mentor and grhastha councellor for manor congregation. Engaged in diety kitchen and garland making services. Married to Sunderananda das in 1986. Keen interest in matchmaking service and willing to give personalised service in this area.

Alaukika-Prema Das & Aradhana Devi Dasi

(Matchmakers: Europe)

Saumya-Radhika Devi Dasi

(Database Manager)

My name is Phalini devi dasi. My spiritual master is AC Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada. I have been married to His Grace Haripada dasa (ACBSP) for 37 years. We have three children and seven grandchildren. My husband and I have a flat in Udupi, Karnataka, India. He travels and does preaching and kirtan programs. I am currently assisting my daughter who lives near the ISKCON temple in Houston, Texas. She has three little ones so I am acting as a live-in nanny and housekeeper for her family.

Married to Alaukika-prem das, Aradhana devi dasi and her husband joined ISKCON Croatia in 1993. They are both disciples of Krishna Kshetra Swami. They have been married for 25 years and have a son and a daughter. They have rendered many services in ISKCON, including couples counselling in an unofficial capacity. Currently based near a small town on the Croatian Coast,  they are happy to have received this opportunity to serve as matchmakers and help others to find potential suitors.

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Phalini Devi Dasi

(Matchmaker: India)


Abala Devi Dasi

(Matchmaker: UK)

Practising Krishna consciousness for 18 years. Brahmin initiated disciple of HH Jayapataka Swami Maharaj. Married to HG Vishal Gauranga Das for 11 years, along with whom she conducts sangas and organises Rathayatras in different places in South England. Other services include deity worship and online BG classes on Mayapur TV. Along with this Amala Manjari Devi is involved in giving a personal matchmaking service within ISKCON. She also serves as a counsellor, mentor and life coach.

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Bhaktin Gayathri & Bhakta Vignesh

(Matchmakers: MIddle-East)

Vignesh and Gayathri have been married for over 5 years and have a daughter. Gayathri is involved in the Community Development Team at ISKCON London and Vignesh regularly sings Kirtan at the temple. They are currently based in North London and regularly attend the London Soho Temple. They look forward to assisting in this service as Matchmakers and help others find potential suitors.

Abala has been serving in ISKCON for the past 30 years. Holds BSc in Philosophy, a PGCE and a diploma in counselling. Taught the Bhakti Sastri and recently studied the first part of Bhakti Vaibhava in Mayapur. She has been teaching PRE in the Avanti House Secondary for the last 5 years. She has been married to Rasamandala Das for 17 years. She firmly believes that marriage is one of the most important steps in life and is very keen to assist devotees to find a suitable partner.

Amala Manjari Devi Dasi

(Matchmaker: Central London/South England)

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Yamuna devi dasi joined ISKCON in 2008 and received first initiation from HG Mahatma Prabhu, in 2016. Based in New Delhi, India, Yamuna organizes sangas for the youth and serves as a mentor to some. She also oversees some of her Guru's projects and a part of his outreach. Other services include garlands making, deity worship, festival decor, cooking, course devlopment, devotee care and book distribution. Her main service is to help devotees recognize their strengths and further, engage them in services accordingly.

Yamuna Devi Dasi

(Website Manager)

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Syamananda Krishna Das & Premalila Devi Dasi

(Matchmakers: Africa)

Syamananda Krishna das and Premalila dd joined ISKCON in the 1980s. Syamananda das has a background in Electronic Engineering while Premalila dd has a background in biochemistry. They are both initiated disciples of Bhakti Charu Swami, and have several years of experience of serving at the Gurukula. They also have experience of university preaching, book distribution and congregation development.Currently serving at ISKCON Cape Town, both of them have been serving matchmakers with DevoteeMatch since its inception..


Married to Premarasa Das (RNS) and initiated by HH Gopal Krsna Goswami, Ananda organises and manages preaching programs and does book distribution. Ohter services include cooking and deity worship. She is looking forward to help devotees find suitable matches.

Ananda Vrndavna Devi Dasi

(Matchmaker: Mumbai, India)

Uttama devi dasi and her husband Partha das were both initiated by Srila Prabhupada in 1973. In 1996 they moved to Saranagati Dhama in the mountains of British Columbia, Canada, and they joined forces with other devotees in North America to form the Grihastha Vision Team. They offer premarital education to devotees, both by Skype and in person. They also travel extensively to give GVT seminars and train mentor couples. They have taught in the US, South Africa, Ireland, England, Germany, Belguim, Switzerland, Guyana, Trinidad, Brazil, Russia and India. They have 3 children and 6 grandchildren.

Sakhi-rai das and Vraja Laksmi dasi are both disciples of HH Indradyumna Swami and have been initiated for the past 15 years.They reside in Brisbane, Australia. Sakhi-rai das is a Chartered Accountant from India and has been making his living from two wholesale businesses. In addition to his businesses, he plays an active role in their local Brisbane temple. Sakhi-rai das regularly gives Srimad Bhagavatam class, facilitates a number of Bhagavad Gita and Bhakti Vriksha study groups, and assists many individual devotees on their spiritual journeys. Vraja Laksmi dasi, a Commerce Graduate, assists Sakhi-rai das in his business and is also a very successful home maker. She is an expert cook, with a keen interest in deity worship and they host many senior visiting devotees throughout the year in their home. They have two daughters together – Kaishori Sindhu dasi (IDS) (married and now lives in the U.K.) and Braja Vallabhi dasi (IDS).Together they both preach in Brisbane, take care of senior vaisnavas, counsel (both materially and spiritually) younger devotees and do regular service at the Brisbane temple.

Basu Ghosh das was born in Chicago, USA, and initiated by Srila Prabhupada in 1973. In 1974 he moved to India where he learned to speak, read, and write Hindi, and to read and write Telugu. He has studied Sanskrit grammar and has acquired proficiency in spoken Samskritam. He entered grihasta ashram in 1984. He opened the ISKCON Temple in Surat, and currently serves as Temple President of ISKCON Baroda,  Vice Chairman of the ISKCON India Governing Bureau and ex-Chairman of the ISKCON India Advisory Committee. He is also Chairman of the Samprajna Institute, a public policy think tank registered in the USA,  established to present the Vedic viewpoint on social issues to the academic world, and to influence social policy.

Basu Ghosh Das

(Matchmaker: India)

Uttama devi dasi

(Matchmaker: North America)

Sakhi-Rai das & Vraja-Lakshmi dasi

(Matchmakers: Australia/New Zealand)

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