Jananananda Goswami

“Whatever we can do to facilitate the important coming together in sacred wedlock of devotees is a very great service to Srila Prabhupada and the whole movement, as well as imperative for the future growth of our movement asa functional society. I wish you all success.”

Praghosa Das(GBC, ISKCON UK & Ireland)

“Knowing all the wonderful devotees involved with running, I am very confident that this facility will be a fantastic resource for oneand all finding the right marriage partner, and I wish all who use thisresource the very best in finding their lifelong soul-mate.”

Gauri Das

(Director, Bhaktivedanta Manor, England)

“Marriage is the biggest decision and responsibility of our lives, and one in regard to which ISKCON has to provide more help. Therefore it is truly inspiring to see that the Krishna Marriage team has come together and launched this tremendous marriage networking facility.”

“My deepest congratulations to the team for the wonderful work that they are doing. Of all the different samskaras the most important one is marriage or vivaha samskara. It's very inspiring that our team is helping devotees in making this very important decision.”

Srutidharma Das

(Temple President, Bhaktivedanta Manor, England)

Jai Nitai Das

(Temple President, ISKCON London)

"The institution of marriage is a fundamental and crucial aspect of the development of our ISKCON society. I whole-heartedly support and encourage this system and thank the devotees who are diligently trying to serve the Vaisnava community in such a valuable way."

Prabhupada Prana Das

(Temple President, Krishna Eco Farm, Scotland)

“I think this service of linking devotees of all categories via this wonderful website is fulfilling an essential need in our devotees community. Please keep up the good work. There is somebody for everyone out there.”